On 1 May 2010, Liu Ge & I checked out of TTSH and returned home. It was so nice to return back to my own home. Though it was nice to be home, I also know that Liu Ge will now be facing a lot of stress in looking after me.

That weekend, Jin Lee and his family came over for a visit and later they brought Liu Ge to Junction 8 to buy a Fruit Juicer, Blender, pot and some fish and other stuff for cooking of food for me.

The first week after I was back home was really terrible for me. I was still very weak. I was suffering from nausea, tiredness, sleepiness and I just had no appetite. Liu Ge tried so hard to cook for me but because of my condition, I could not really eat what she had prepared. During this period, I could clearly see her frustrations and disappointments. I was also on medications and the drugs I was taking were making me giddy and sleepy all the time. The first few weeks back home was tiring times for Liu Ge. I really felt so sad and I wish I could had been more understanding and co-operative. She really cares and loves me so much. For all these, I really thanks God for giving her to me.

During those first few weeks, brother Daniel and sister Betty popped by my place quite often to pray for us and to introduce us to some verses. It was really very inspiring for us.

As my medication finally ends, I gradually start feeling much better. My appetite starts to improve and I began eating lots of fish. I also informed Liu Ge to stop cooking as I could buy food from the kopitiam. I just had to be careful with what I eat from now on.

With the new fruit juicer, I had lots of fruit & vegetable juices daily. This was something I never had before on a regular basis. I also started taking supplements to boost up my immune system before I start on my Chemo treatment with Johns Hopkins Clinic.

My nieces introduced me to a soup called the ‘5-element vegetable soup’. This soup is supposed to be good for cancer patient. The inventor of this soup is a Japanese by the name of Dr. Tateishi kazu. an expert in cytology in Japan. He was suffering from cancer of the duodenum and his cancer was spreading. Although his stomach was removed, the cancer cells had already spread to his lungs. To fight for his life, he researched, studied and tested over 1,500 types of herbs and plants. Finally, he discovered the right combination of ingredients and formulated a unique healing soup. He called this soup, the ‘5-element vegetable soup’ with its own molecular powers.

The specific vegetables that Dr. Kazu used are based on the individual color essence of the five elements: daikon/radish of white (metal), daikon/radish leaves of green (wood), dried black mushroom of black (water), carrot of red (fire), and burdock of yellow (earth), which also relate to the corresponding internal organs: lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen.

All in a natural form, these vegetables are rich in amino acids, calcium, chlorophyll, iron, and phosphorous. After all, plants grow in an active and vibrant environment in a balanced soil, which make them an excellent source of health supplements and even natural remedies for diseases.”

My eldest sister and nieces were so nice to provide me with all the ingredients for the soup and they also occasionally get their driver to deliver fresh organic vegetable and fruits to my home.

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