By the time I woke up, I was already in ICU. The first people I saw were my wife Liu Ge and Chew Foong. Fortunately for me, I was awake and alert. I could recognize them and I even call out to them. According to them, it was already evening. Instead of a 2 to 3 hours operation, I ended up having an 8 hours operation.

I could not remember much of my time in ICU as I was still in a daze  from the after effect of the anesthesia. I remember my throat was very dry and sore and one of my front tooth was loose. There was a nurse assigned to me during my stay at ICU and throughout the evening, she kept performing test on me and giving me medications. I could hardly sleep that night in ICU with all kinds of tubes running through me. It was really very uncomfortable.

In all, I spend one night & day at ICU before I was transferred to the ward. Liu Ge & I opted for a Class A ward so that my wife can sleep in the hospital with me. But to be honest, we hardly had any rest in the ward. Almost every hour, the nurse on duty will come in to do test on me like blood pressure, blood sugar level, check on my IV drips, check on my urinal bag…etc. They also had to clear the stoma bag for me.

In total, I spend 5 days in the hospital. Instead of getting some rest, I did not actually had any chance for any recuperation. After the surgery, the wound was very painful. I had to inject morphine to ease the pain. The wound was at the lower left side of my abdomen and it measured 6” or (16cm) in length. Instead of stitches, what was holding my skin together was several staples spaced out evenly across the length of my wound.

With all the tubes connected to me, it was really difficult and uncomfortable for me. I spend the first few days lying in bed. During this period my friends like Tah Tee, Barry, Adrian and Andy including my church friend, Daniel & Betty came and visit me several times. As for family members, Chew Foong, Jin Lee & his family and Chew Moon came and also Huei San family. I was also very touched when Ricky, my boss also came to visit me in the hospital. It was very nice to know that so many good friends and family members cares.

My close friends were really very supportive and caring after my surgery and they kept coming to see me to give me encouragement. I was really touched by their love and sincerity.

I lost so much weight after the surgery and I also lost my voice. I sounded different when I talk. In the hospital, I could not really eat any of the food that were given to me. I had no appetite though I knew I had to eat to regain my strength.

When I could finally get out of bed, Liu Ge encourage me to try to move about and with her encouragement I tried. She also wheeled me on the wheelchair to level 1 and the basement for some fresh air. Her encouragement gives me the strength to live on and to fight this cancer.

Around the 2nd or 3rd day in the ward, I suddenly started discharging my waste from my anus region. It was hprrible for I could not control the flow and the nurse had to come in to clean up the mess. Fortunately for me, after a day or two the waste discharges stop.

According to Dr. Tay this was the stools that had been stuck in my colon all these while when the tumor was blocking the flow.

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