The Surgery

On 27 April 2010, I had the surgery to remove the tumor in my rectum. The tumor had been giving me severe pain and discomfort during the past few months as I had not been able to discharge my stools even though I had the urge to do so. The last few months prior to my surgery was the worse period of it all. It was so uncomfortable for me that I had to boil water each day to soak my buttocks and to ease the pain. I ended up boiling water and soaking my buttocks several times per day. The discomfort only ease when I retire to bed each evening.

Liu Ge accompanied me to TTSH for the surgery. Earlier, my friend Tah Tee came over to fetch us to the hospital. I remember I was still feeling up-beat that morning and I was not worried at all. After checking in at TTSH, I was given a set of hospital garments to wear and also given laxative to take for clearing my bowels. Not long after taking the laxative, I had to go to the toilet to clear my bowels. Since I had the tumor in me, I felt very uncomfortable. I was still cheerful and Liu Ge even took a few photos of me.

Around 11am, I was wheeled to the Operating Theatre. Once there, several nurses and doctor came to chat with me and also to insert the IV needle on my hand. I hardly can see as I was not wearing my spectacles. I only remembered I was in a room for quite a while just outside the operating theatre as there was another patient that had just completed the operation and they were trying very hard to wake him up.

Everything about the operating theatre and what went on was a daze to me as I was laying on the bed. I remembered informing the person who was going to apply the anesthesia to let me know the time when he will be applying it.

While laying in the bed and waiting to be rolled into the operating theatre, I kept repeating the biblical verses given to me by Mark & Quee, Brother Daniel & Sister Betty to trust in God and believe that God will protect and save me. The verses helps me very much to feel confident and relax for I know I will be saved.

All I recalled of what happened during the operation was that the anesthesist informing me that it was 12:48pm and the next time I was aware again was when I was warded into ICU after the surgery. What went on during the operation and those 8 hours was totally lost to me.

Liu Ge informed me that during the operation, Dr. Tay had to spend a long time trying to re-arrange my colon as they were not where they were supposed to be. This resulted in the long operation.

During my surgery, the person who suffered the most was my dearest wife, Liu Ge. She was left in the blind as to the outcome of my surgery and when I was being operated upon. Prior to the operation, Dr. Tay had advised that the operation should last between 2 to 3 hours but after that period had passed, there were no signs that I was coming out of surgery. My poor wife was not kept informed of the status of my operation and she was so worried. Nobody was with her for a long period of time until evening when Chew Foong arrived after work. In the end, she cried. It was not till the Manager of the Day Surgery Centre was leaving for home at the end of her work day that finally ease my wife’s worries. The lady was helpful and she helped my wife to locate where I was in the operating theatre.

Later, when I was awake and out of surgery, my wife relate to me the fear and worries that she had to go through during my surgery and I felt so sad and so much love for her. When I was back home recuperating, TTSH called me one day to conduct a survey on the level of service provided by the staff in the hospital. I took the opportunity to complain to the person who called about the lack of information and updates provided to my wife during my surgery.

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