Supplements to boost my immune system during Chemotherapy

Liu Ge was very concern before & during my chemo treatments that I must ensure that my body immune system is strong enough to withstand the onslaught of toxic drugs in my body. So she insisted that I must have my regular fruit & vegetable juices.

Since I got home after the surgery. I been having daily vegetables and fruit juices make at home with the fruit juicer. For one who hardly ever take any fruits or vegetables in his life, I am now a regular. After all these years of fibre-less diet, I am glad I am finally getting some fibre through my intestine and hopefully in the near future to my colon when Dr. Tay performed the Ilesotomy Reversal surgery.

My dear wife had already spend quite a lot of her hard earned savings to buy supplements for me. Before she left for Shanghai in June, she also went to Eu Yan Song to buy for me “Wild Yuzhi Powder Extract”. The capsules are not cheat and there are only 60 capsules per bottle. But according to many reports, Yunzhi is very good for cancer patients and it helps to boost the immune system of the patient. You may wish to visit this website listed below to get a detailed review of Yunzhi benefits.

When Liu Ge went back to Shanghai to visit her parents, she also bought lots of Lingzhi in both tablets and powder form for my consumption. She also got for me Garlic pills, Asparagus pills, Aloe Vera pills, Vitamin E pills and many other supplements. I now have lots of supplements to take during my chemo treatments.

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