Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Treatment – Cycle 2 (CTC2)

CTC2 commenced on 10 June 2010. On that day, I started my radiation treatment. This will carry on daily for the next 28 days (excluding Sat, Sun or Public Holidays). Dr. Lopes, my Onocologist had advised me earlier that during those 28 days of radiations, the entire duration will covers CTC 2 and CTC 3. Since chemotherapy and radiation will be administered to be during these 2 cycles. he advised that I need not come in JHC for intravenous drip during the 1st day of these two cycles. Instead, for my chemo treatment during CTC 2, I will just be taking oral tablets. I was glad, for I hate the drip and the needles.

Dr. Lopes advised that chemotherapy and radiation given concurrently will be too much toxic for my body to take. For this reason, the intravenous drip is excluded. The radiation was painless but after a few session I started to feel the side effects. I was tired easily and tend to feel very sleepy after lunch. I had to take a nap every afternoon.

Hand & foot syndrome started to take effect on me too. I hands felt very dry, wrinkled and on my feet, the skin started peeling.

During my CTC 2 radiation treatment, I met a fellow ex-Abacus colleague who was also having radiation for her Breast cancer. Her name is Yvonne. She and her husband, Danny were a nice couple and whenever we met up at the Radiation Centre, we chat and talk about our cancer and what to take and avoid. We also exchange email address, so that we can keep posted on latest cancer and other health-related news.

It was during the daily radiation treatment at TTSH that Liu Ge & I discovered a Taiwanese shop called “QQ Rice”, that serve healthy rice comprising of Brown rice, Wheat Germ Brown Rice,Mixed Grain, Purple Rice & Red Rice. The shop is located across the street from TTSH in Novena Square 2.

A few times a week during CTC 2, after my radiation treatment, I will proceed there to have either the Brown or Red Rice with 5 different ingredients comprising of vegetables, meat and fish. There are a total of over 40 varieties to choose from. A meal cost only $3.90.

There also sell some very delicious Taiwanese breakfast cereals in sachets which I did bought a few for breakfast so that I can drink it each morning.

On 17 Jun 2010, at the end of the first week of CTC2, I returned to JHC to do another blood test for Dr. Lopes review. The purpose of the blood test was to check how my body was reacting to the chemo drugs in CTC2.

The results came back was quite good. My white blood cells counts was back to “Normal”, but my red blood cells & haemogoblin counts were still low but was getting closer to normal. This was a good sign. Platelets still shows a high reading but was getting closer to within the normal range. So, he did not purpose any changes to my chemo drugs dosage.

On 19 Jun 2010, Liu Ge flew back to Shanghai. My father-in-law was also going for an operation in Shanghai and it would be best that she was there to care for him. Both her parents are old and leaving on their own, so it was better she return to spend some time with them till her father recovers and discharge from hospital.Though she was back in Shanghai, I updated her daily regarding my condition so that she need not worried too much about me.

The drugs given to me during CTC2 were as follows:

  • Capecitabine (Xeloda) – Administered orally twice daily for the next 14 days. Tablets to be taken in the morning and evening after food. Each session comprises of 3 xeloda tablets of 500mg each (i.e. 1500mg per session). Total consumption daily is 3000mg. (No need to take on Sat & Sun since there was no radiation treatment on weekends. This was to allow my body to recover over the weekend).
  • Neogobion – Iron tablets. One tablet to be taken twice daily before or after meals. The purpose of this drug is to increase my red blood cells count.
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