Colon Cancer Support Group (CCSG)

In TTSH, where my cancer was discovered, removed and now undergoing treatment, there are several Support Group formed to offer assistance to cancer patients. Soon, after discovering I had Colon Cancer, a representative from the {“CCSG”) contacted me. The lady who spoke to me was called Rita. She was very friendly and helpful and offered us whatever help we need to cope with my cancer.

Rita, I gathered from subsequent meetings was a former Colon Cancer patient whose cancer had gone into remission for more than 5 years. Since having cancer, she had been a volunteer at CCSG to offer support to other colon cancer.

CCSG meets up during the 1st Saturday of each month. They organize talks, outings, excursions and opportunities for other colon cancer to meet up, exchange notes and share their experiences.

I had only attended one of their monthly meetings. But I intend to attend regularly in the future and hopefully provide some support for the CCSG. When I attended the meeting, I got to know many other colon cancer patients. One of them who sat next to me and share his experiences with colon cancer was Anthony. He had been in remission for more than 7 years.

Rita suggested that in the future I might wish to stand on the podium during one of their meetings to share with others on my experience with colon cancer. I informed her I will certainly do so when that time comes around.

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