Erectile Dysfunction

Since the major surgery on 27 April 2010, I had not been having any erection. Initially, Dr. Tay informed me that this could be due to stress on the nerves. Not only an erection, I was also forewarned that my urine flow might also be disrupted. But for quite a while now, my urine flow had already returned to normal. But until today, my dick is dead.

On 31 July 2010, when I consulted Dr. Tay, I highlighted my erectile dysfunction issue. He was surprised to know that i still could not get an erection.

Dr. Tay suggested that I go see a Urologist. An appointment was fixed for me to see Prof. Chia Sing Joo on 17 August 2010.

My consultation with Prof. Chia was very brief. I explain to him my problem and he got me to fill up a short questionnaire. He also gave me 2 boxes of Viagra and informed me to start with half a tablet. Viagra was not what I was seeking, but since it was free, I took it.

Prof. Chia prescribed to me a drug called Arcalion 200mg. I did some research on the Internet to find out more about this drug. According to the information given, Arcalion is a brand name for sulbutiamine. It is usually taken in the morning, with effects that last all day. (Prof. Chia instructions were that I was to take 2 tablets every morning).

Arcalion is a medication used to treat a condition called asthenia. Asthenia is a disorder common to many illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, postpartum depression, and renal disease. It results in a feeling of weakness, even though actual strength is not lost, and extreme lack of energy. Arcalion brings properties of boosting energy and increasing focus and strength for those whose own focus and strength seems lacking for whatever reason.

Arcalion has been shown to improve memory, and also to improve the thinking processes of schizophrenia patients, and to promote alertness and wakefulness. It has been shown to alleviate depression and the lethargy that can accompany it, it can help normalize sleep cycles, and even improve your vision. Arcalion can also help speed the process of recovery from injuries, illnesses, or surgeries. New research even indicates that Arcalion might be helpful for erectile dysfunction. From what I had read so far, Arcalion seems to be a miracle drugs with all these benefits.

Arcalion is also favored by athletes as a nutritional supplement, because it helps alleviate feelings of fatigue. It can increase your maximal strength and restore your energy after a hard work out or competition. It is a vitamin compound and not a steroid compound, so it is not illegal and does not test negatively in competitive sports. It improves reaction time and mental focus.

Arcalion has no toxicity; that is, it has no chemical dangers that go along with taking it. The only side effect that has been recorded is the potential for severe headaches, but this is only found in cases where someone has taken higher doses than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Occasionally elderly people will experience mild agitation, and if you are allergic to Arcalion, you may experience a skin rash. Some athletes experience intense euphoria, but this is when Arcalion is taken at very high doses.

Prof. Chia advised me to start taking Arcalion 200mg every morning for the next 2 months and he will see me again for a follow-up consultation on 15 October 2010.

When I went to the pharmacy to collect the Arcalion, the staff informed me that for 2 months supply, the cost of the drug is more than a hundred dollars. She suggest I take a month’s supply and collect the other half the following month in case I have reactions to the drug. As all drugs prescribed and issued at the pharmacy are not returnable. The suggestion sounded good to me.

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6 Responses to Erectile Dysfunction

  1. ky says:

    Just wondering if Arcalion 200mg works on you and solve your erectile problem?

  2. pricilla says:

    hi…did arcalion imrpove your appetite?

  3. paul foster says:

    Also my own personal affects for arcalion is slight euphoria if I take over 1500mg

  4. paul foster says:

    Buy arcalion 500mg at

  5. Thank you so much for this. I’m a writer out of Seattle, United States and what I just read here on could not be said any better. Perusing this article reminds me of my first roommate, Stefan. He persistently kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send these ideas to him. I’m certain he will have a good time reading this.
    I am grateful to you you for revealing this.

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