Water Bottle, handicap toilets & the clean-up

Never leave home without it. No I am not referring to the Amex Card. Instead I am talking about an empty water bottle. The empty bottle is the most important item for any colon cancer patient with an Ileostomy. Since my surgery, I been walking around with this in my bag whenever I am out of my home.

Anyone with a temporary or permanent Ileostomy are aware that the stoma bag needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly throughout the day. Our small intestine never stop working. This organ operates 24 * 7, 365 days per year non-stop.

Since the waste currently does not travel to my colon, they are discharged after my intestine had extracted whatever nutrients and minerals from the food I had consumed.

Depending on what I had, the waste discharged to the stoma bag can be semi-dried, soggy or even watery. Semi-dried is the best for it can be easily cleansed with water. If the waste are soggy it is the most difficult. At times, one full bottle of water is not sufficient to totally clean the bag. Cleaning the bag in a public toilet in such situations can be quite inconvenient.

Here’s where handicap toilets comes in handy. Most handicap toilets in Singapore shopping centres comes complete with it’s own washbasin and toilet bowl. Fortunately for us, not only are our public toilets generally very clean but there are more and more handicap toilets around.

Singapore is truly stoma bag friendly.,,

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