Juicer, Fruits & Fibre Diet

I truly believe that Colorectal cancer is linked to diet, lifestyle and exercise. (“DL & E“). All these years, I had never bothered about my diet, and my lifestyle was bad and I hardly exercise. Just what was needed to get my cancer cells celebrating.

Now that I am a cancer patient, I am making up lost time by doing all I can to make my DL & E cancer-free friendly.

I drinks lots of fruit juices since discovering I had cancer. One of my favorite is Green Apples, Celery & Carrot Juice. I try to have at least 2 glasses of fruit juice per day. Either make at home or bought from fruit juice store. If possible, I try to avoid buying my juices from outside vendors for they do not wash and clean their juicer regularly. I also try my best to have some fruits too for nutrients.

But the fruit vendor near my office is quite good. The lady cleans and rinse the filter after preparing for a few customer each time.

If you purchase your fruit juice from outside fruit juice vendors, do take note of the brand & model of their juicer. Most fruit vendors uses the same Panasonic model. I found out recently the reason why. The Panasonic juicer they’re using is very easy to set up, clean and it comes with a built-in circuit breaker. Also the model they are using is “Made In Japan”. The filter and blade is easily cleansed with a brush that comes with the juicer.

Since Liu Ge bought a Braun Fruit juicer, we been making lots of juices from home. I get the fruits and vegetables either from the market opposite my home or from NTUC Fairprice. Certain vegetables and fruits are also provided by my eldest sister and nieces.

The fruits and vegetables we juiced includes Apple, Pear, Starfruit, Dragon fruit, Pineapple, Orange, Carrot, Celery, Tomato, Beetroot, Wheatgrass, cucumber.

If you wanted to know what fruits are good for you but not sure of its health benefits, you can always surf the web for the info. A good site I visited with information on different fruit juices is:


The site provides lots of information on the various fruits. Check it out if you can.

Fruit juice can be quite sweet, so also remember to drink lots of water. Whatever it is drinking water is still the most important for our body.

For my daily meals, I am also eating more vegetables. Liu Ge & I eat lots of Yong Tau Fu for there are lots of vegetables in this dish.

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