Health Insurance & your health

What happened to me in April had resulted in a drastic change in my life. Suddenly, I realized that my life here on earth could just end any time. Cancer is no joke. It can take control of your life if you don’t give it a fight.

Cancer treatment is not cheap. Having cancer not only effect you emotionally, but also financially. It is at times like this that knowing you are able to pay for your surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, consultations and medications helps to reduce your stress levels and possibly assist in the recovery.

Although all who are working in Singapore have a MediSave account in their CPF, the ceiling level currently of $37,000 is certainly not sufficient for a cancer patient seeking treatments in Singapore. My entire treatment will cost me more than $50,000.

It is therefore of utmost importance for any individual to seriously consider getting for themselves a Health Insurance coverage to supplement or replace their MediSave or MediShield accounts.

I was lucky for having a AIA healthshield policy through my friend, Andy. The yearly premium is deducted from my CPF. Together with my company’s Group health insurance coverage with Great Eastern Life, almost all of my medical bills for my cancer treatment are covered by these policies. My office’s group insurance covers 40% of my medical bills and the rest is through my personal health insurance. If I did not have a health insurance, I would had to used up my MediSave/MediShield and probably also come up hard-cash.

When everything is fine, nobody thinks about insurance, but when something like a life-threatening illness hits you, then you realize how lucky you are.

So, if any one of you are reading this posting, if you still haven’t purchase a health insurance for yourself, I seriously advise you to contact your agent and get this settled as soon as possible.

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