Chemotherapy Treatment – Cycle 5 (CTC5)

On 31/8/2010, I was back at JHS for CTC5. My wife accompanied me there. As usual, the nurses there took my weight, blood pressure, temperature and extraction of 2 tubes of blood for the blood test to see whether I was ready for CTC. My weight was 64.60kg. I seems to had put on at least 2kg since my last weight-in on 19/8/2010.

The nurse who inserted the needle onto my right hand placed the needle in the lower part of my right arm and it was quite painful, whenever I move my right wrist. I was considering getting the nurse to remove it and poke it somewhere else but the thoughts of it makes me decides to just bear with the pain during that few hours when I am having the drip.

After the blood test, Liu Ge and I went to the Kopitiam within TTSH for our breakfast cum lunch. We had Yong Tau Fu. I had lots of vegetables and this time I did not ask for noodles and the portion is just nice for me.

After our meal, we still had to wait about an hour more before the blood test results were ready and Dr. Lopes was on-hand to see us.

The results this time was not as good as the blood test taken on 19/8/2010. For the first time, my White Blood cells count was below normal. But Dr. Lopes advised that it was not something to be too worried for there are other test which are of greater concern to him and luckily for me they are within the normal range.

Dr. Lopes informed me that he will prescribe the same chemo drugs dosage as given to me in CTC4. I also informed him that overall, CTC4 had been pretty good for me. Other than the hiccups during the first 3 days due to the Emend drugs, and slight rashes, overall CTC4 had been pretty smooth sailing for me. I did not suffer from nausea and my appetite in CTC4 was good and that’s probably why I gained so much weight.

I informed Dr. Lopes that in CTC4 I started having frequent mucus discharges from my anus and I was concern that it could be “chronic proctitis”, due to the radiotherapy administered to me in CTC2 & CTC3. Dr. Lopes informed me that he will drop Dr. Tay an email to advise him to look into it.

Dr. Lopes advised that he will see me again in 3 weeks for the start of CTC6 and I need not see him during the midst of CTC5.

For once the IV drip started early at 12+. By the time it was completed, it was only 4+.

So far, I had noted that each time when I am going through a Chemo cycle, the side-effects are different. In CTC5, I did not get the hiccups during the first 3 days as what I experienced during CTC4 when I took the Emend drugs for those days.

But in CTC5 I been having some discomfort in my anus/rectum region. Also constantly felt like going to the toilet to pass motion. But the discomfort is not unbearable. I bring this up to Dr. Tay & Dr. Lopes when I next consult them. Also felt very tired in CTC5 and giddy too. I felt quite weak.

The drugs given to me during CTC5 were as follows:

  • Oxaliplatin (Eloxatin) – Administered to me intravenously on 31/08/2010 at JHC during the 1st day of the cycle.
  • Capecitabine (Xeloda) – Administered orally twice daily for the next 14 days. Tablets to be taken in the morning and evening after food. Each session comprises of 2 xeloda tablets of 500mg each  and 2 xeloda tablets of 150mg each (i.e. 1300mg per session). Total consumption daily is 2600mg.
  • Emend (aprepitant, MSD) Tri-Pack – To be taken in the morning during the first 3 days of CTC5. This drug is to suppress nausea and vomiting.
  • Granisetron (1mg) – One tablet to be taken twice daily before or after meals as needed for relief of nausea and vomiting.
  • Dexathasone (4mg) – One tablet to be taken twice daily after meals during the first 3 days of CTC5.
  • Metoclopramide (10mg) – One tablet to be taken every 6 hourly as needed for relief of nausea and vomiting. Tablet to be taken half an hour before food.
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