Stress levels, Diet & Cancer

From what I had been reading on the Internet, books and magazines about cancer and it’s causes, Stress levels and how one cope with stress does have a part to play in promoting certain cancers. Colon Cancer, according to what I had read so far is one of the type of cancer that are at a higher risk for people who are either very stressed out and are basically stressful, be it at work, at home or at play.

I do admit I had my fair share of stress during the last decade. Added on to that, my horrible lifestyle, and diet all leads to party time for my cancer to go “painting the town red”. I was a very heavy smoker for years and this certainly adds to my trouble.

I never exercise nor play any sports all these years. All these “No can do” brings joy to the cancer cells that were always in my body.

Recently, I read a very interesting book entitled “The China Study – Startling Implications For Diet, Weight Loss & Long-Term Health“. The book was written by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D & Thomas M. Campbell II. The book was based on a study that they had conducted for many years in China concerning the eating habits and diet of people living in China.

Their study shows that people that are living in the countryside, whose diets are mainly vegetables and other greens and less meat hardly ever contacted Colon Cancer. But people that lives in the metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Chongqing…etc has a slight proportion of colon cancer patients. But compared to more developed and heavy meat eating countries in the west, the proportion of colon cancer patients in China are very low. In fact, Colon cancer is a cancer of the developed countries of this world. Even in India, the proportion of Colon Cancer is very low.

All my life, I had hardly had a craving for vegetables and fruits and my taste buds was geared towards, sweet, salty and even slightly bitter food. Sour food was taboo for me. But now that I had started taking fruits, I realized the best fruits for colon cancer are the sour fruits like Orange, Pineapple, Kiwi Fruits, Strawberries…etc

I am beginning to enjoy my vegetables and fruits, but will I become a 100% vegetarian? I guess not for I still have a craving for non-fat meat every now and then. I still eat my favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice but nowadays I remove the skin and just eat the meat.

Liu Ge and I found that among our local food, Yong Tau Foo is the best food for me for there’s lots of vegetables and fish balls. In fact, I been having lots of Yong Tau Foo and Sliced fish porridge & rice for lunch or dinner.

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