Treatment reflections

As I draft this post, I had already completed 5 cycles of chemo treatments. I had been quite fortunate so far as the side effects from the chemo treatments had been bearable.  But I am just wondering now whether could it be because my dosage is too low?  Or is the chemo drugs working? The problem with Chemo treatment is that you cannot tell whether the cancer cells are destroyed.

Since I started my chemo treatments, I had also filled my body with lots of supplements daily to build up my body immune system. I take LingZhi, Garlic, Multi-Vitamins, Aloe Vera tablets, Selenium yeast and calcium. On top of that, I drink fruit and vegetable juices daily and I also started eating an apple a day.

As for my meals, I eat lots of vegetable now though I still eat meat. But I take lots of fish too. But compared to what I used to eat before my cancer, my diet now certainly is much healthier and more balanced.

With 3 more cycles to go, what I am looking forward too now is to get my ileostomy reversed. Then I just had to pray hard that my colon will function properly after resting for more than half a year.

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