More on ‘5-Elements Vegetable soup’

Previously, in one of my earlier posting in this blog, I did mention about the goodness of this soup. So, I will not discuss about it’s benefits in this entry.

To make this soup, you need to get hold of White Radish (with leaf), Carrots, Burdock and mushrooms. Buying white radish with the leaves attached is very difficult as most vegetable sellers will have the leafs trimmed off before selling. The rest of the vegetables should not be a problem.

Making the soup requires lots of preparation. The exact weight of each vegetable for a day or 2 days supply of the soup need to be measured out and cut into pieces after washing. Best to use ‘Takahi” Slow Cooker pot for the cooking of the soup. Let all the ingredients bowled together for a few hours under a slow fire before drinking.

Containing the soup, never use plastic containers. Best to place in glass or steel jugs.

Since all these processes only meant for a soup to last for a day or two, the preparation and cooking can be tedious. But the soup is very tasty and can be drank throughout the day like water. The Japanese and Taiwanese swear by it as it is a ‘Cancer Killer’.

So what a relief it was to see pre-prepared “5-Elements Vegetable Soup” being sold at Unity store. I bought a box of 10 sachets yesterday at Unity. Tested it with one packet mixed with hot water and it tasted just like the soup I made myself. The price is $8.50 for a box of 10. So I might consider buying it and drinking it in the office. The 5-Elements vegetables soup goes well with Brown Rice Tea and supposed to work better with it. I read alot about this on the Internet. They also sell the Brown Rice tea in box of 10 too for the same price.

Here are a few photos of the packaging:

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4 Responses to More on ‘5-Elements Vegetable soup’

  1. charles jones says:

    where is the unity store

  2. angie says:

    Where can I buy this veg soup………………..Thanks

    • Not sure where you located Angie but I am from Singapore. Unity store in Singapore are run by NTUC. They are pretty huge here. So it is easy to find a unity store in most locale here.

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