From Colorectal to the Liver…

On 28 Oct 2010, I went to JHC at 0830 to have an MRI scan conducted on my liver. The result of the scan wasn’t good. During the review with Dr. Lopes, was told that the MRI findings found a suspicious metastatic lesion in Segment 8 of my liver. His advice was for an operation to remove the lesion.

I was very disappointed  on hearing the bad news. Having gone through a major surgery in April, I was afraid  of going through another operation. I asked Dr. Lopes whether can confirm the lesion is cancerous without a surgery. A Biopsy can be performed but there is always the danger that by doing so, it might dislodge the cancer cells (if it is really cancerous) and this might cause the cells to spread to other places.

After much thoughts, I felt I should have the operation conducted even though I hate to go through it again. Dr. Lopes tried to arranged to discuss the next course of action with a liver specialist but they were not able to arrange for the meeting today as the doctor was not free. I will be seeing Dr. Winston Woon, the liver specialist tomorrow at 1450.

After the meeting with Dr. Lopes, I called Liu Ge to update her. Obviously she was very upset but we were fight this cancer together. She will stand by me all the way.

I also called Dr. Tay. I inform him about the lesion in the liver and asked him whether it was possible for the stoma reversal and liver resection of segment 8. He told me that it should not be a problem. In fact, just recently, he did such a similar operation for a 48 years old lady. Dr. Tay was the one who recommended Dr. Winston Woon to me.

So it looks like my cancer battle is still on…. Whatever it is, I will fight on.

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One Response to From Colorectal to the Liver…

  1. Winston says:

    Don’t give up! You have all our support!

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