Half a Liver is better than none…

Saw Dr. Winston Woon, the liver consultant on 29 Oct 2010. He explained about the forthcoming operation and procedures and highlighted the likely risks.

Though the lesion is small, unfortunately it is located in the middle of segment 8 of my liver at the cross-roads of 2 major blood vessels that’s running through it. Very likely, during the op, he would remove Segment 5 to 8 of my liver.

Segments 5 to 8 cannot regenerate, but within 6 weeks or more, a new segments 1 to 4 will grow to replace the cutaway segments 5 to 8. (Please see photo on the left for location of each segment).

Though it is sad to know half of my liver must be discarded, still having half a liver is better than none…

The operation is scheduled for 11 Nov 2010.

It would be two operations in one. Dr. Woon will cut open my body (in an L-Shape), to remove the lesion whereas Dr. Tay will be performing a stoma reversal to push my expose intestine back into my abdomen.

After this operation, my body will have 3 sets of scars. I will feel like the Bionic man…

This operation likely to be longer than the first op I had in April to resect my colon & rectum.

After the meeting with Dr. Woon, I was in PACE to register for the operation and complete all the necessary paperwork regarding my medishield & healthshield details. The pre-ops checkup will be on 3 Nov 2010 at 0830.

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