Once Cancer cells runs “wild” life is so fragile

I often heard people saying that everyone of us are born with cancer cells in our body. But whether at the end, we get cancer depends entirely on the cells being active.

Now that my cancer cells had become “wild”, it is a battle to tame them and get them to go back to sleep mode. Reading articles on the Internet, listening to advice from others, and consulting the doctors all provide different aspects of useful information. There are so much to digest, so much to consume but at the end of the day, it boils down to what is truly the best for my body.

In terms of supplements I been advice to take LingZhi, Bird’s Nest, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Barley Green, 5-Elements Vegetable Soup, Essence Of Chicken, Spirulina, Multi-vitamins, Calcium…etc. Since April, after my surgery I had been diligently taking these supplements.

I also change my diet to one that includes lots of fruit juice, fruits and vegetable. I had also reduced drastically my consumption of ‘red meat’ and started eating more fish.

But yet a cancer run wild in Segment 8 of my liver. It was really frustrating when I first found out that the CT & MRI scans shows that my body was cleanse of cancer. But I had grown to accept it now. I just had to fight on. God will not forsake me. I am sure eventually as long as I have faith in our Lord, and seek his kingdom, everything will fall in place and joy will return to my life.

Spiritual food is what I need now. Exercise, peace of mind and being less stressed out are the best medicine for me.

11 Nov 2010, I will have my second operation. I will go to the operation theatre with confident that God will heal my disease and I will sings praise to the Lord. I will awake after the operation to see my laopo smile and I will rejoice knowing how lucky I am to have the great love of God and my laopo to sustain me through this battle.

I know all my friends and family members are praying for me and I know I will pull through. I have faith in God and I am sure he will empower Dr. Tay & Dr. Woon to work miracles through the power of God.

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