Cancer hates bitter & sour stuff…

I just had a conversation with Jin Lee my elder brother on the phone. He suggested I eat more bitter food like ‘bitter gourd’. One of his Malay colleague who also have colon cancer been eating bitter food since he got cancer. It been 3 years since his cancer ran ‘wild’. His cancer also metastasis to his liver and he is a Stage IV cancer patient.

I eat lots of fruits and vegetables since having cancer and now seriously intending to go ‘vegetarian’ to ensure I have a long life ahead.

It is true in the past I avoided bitter and sour food and always eat sweet & salty food. But cancer cells hates bitter & sour food, so I must eat more of such food even though my taste buds had never adapted to it previously.

Cancer cells are damn smart.They take advantage of the fact that majority of us like sweet & salty stuff and the more we consume the ‘wilder’ they become. Likewise, it plays on our emotional well-being. If we are stressed out, feeling depressed, having negative thoughts and feeling that all hope are lost, they will get more energized and will strive to take control of us.

Cancer lives on sugary substances and they want us to remain lethargic and lazy. Regular exercises like fast walking, riding bicycle…etc to keep our muscles moving and our body alert are all anti-cancer remedies.

Cancer wants us to think negatively all the times, so it is also very important to relax our mind, mediate and relax and let our mind and soul feel calm so that cancer cells will suffer and get bored.

I have so much planned which I intend to do after my stoma reversal operation is completed. Things like qigong, yoga, regular exercises to keep my body active are activities that cancer hates. By doing so, I intend to drive all the cancer cells away from my home (body). This is a battle I will fight till there is no need to fight on…

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