Counting down to the operation…

Just 4 more days to go before my operation. I did nothing much over the long weekend. On Thursday evening, had dinner with Liu Ge, HL,  Jin Lee & his family. JL introduced to us a cold dish of thinly sliced “Bitter Gourd”. It was very delicious.

Friday morning we went back to BT. Spend the entire day there. On Saturday morning, Mark called and we spoke of the forthcoming operation. Later in the morning, Liu Ge and I took a slow walk to Thomson Plaza. It was refreshing as the weather was nice. Had our lunch there. Met up with Barry & Serene. We were invited to their new home. It was very nicely done up and very cosy.

On Sunday morning, we went to church service at VFC at Jalan Besar. Lots of church friends wish me well for the operation and they say they will be praying for me. I am reminded by my church friends to claim God’s healing for the operation and the removal of the cancer. I will certainly do so in my private prayer to God.

“God’s Words will heal me”….

I am looking forward to finally having my stoma reversed but yet at the same time praying hard that my colon will react well to finally being back in service after having been resting for more than half a year.

Though half my liver will be gone, the fact that it will re-generate again after 6 to 8 weeks is good news for me. So long as the doctor cut off the cancer from segment 8 I will be happy enough.

It’s time I get some truly good news that all cancer cells are gone from my body. My time for recovery had arrived. God’s healing will bring forth recovery for me. I know it and I believe it.

“God is good all the time
He put a song of praise
In this heart of mine
Though I may not understand
All the plans You have for me
My life is in Your hands
And through the eyes of faith
I can clearly see…”

So I am eagerly counting the days to the operation. I know for sure, I am in God’s good hands and he will heal me…

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