Back to Day Surgery Centre @ TTSH

On 11 Nov 2010, I reported back to the DSC for another operation to reverse my Stoma and have half of my liver removed for biopsy. The day started off well enough. Liu Ge & I were at TTSH DSC by 1030 as requested by the Centre for pre-admission paperwork. When the staff-in-attendant at the DSC asked for a LOG, I was puzzled. I recalled asking the lady at PACE whether I need a LOG since I intend to use my personnel AIA HealthShield and she said “No need”. Since I was not able to produce my LOG I had to foot out $4,000+ as deposit. I had to get them to contact my office to get the LOG ready instead. Luckily for me, Cecilia helped to get LOG ready for TTSH.

Yune also popped by later before I was wheeled into the operating theatre. It was nice of him to drop by. When I was wheeled to the Operating room, Liu Ge left with Yune for lunch.

I remember while waiting outside the operating theatre, Dr. Tay & Dr. Woon came by to say “hello”. They both seem relaxed and I looking at them I felt confident that the operation would be a success. Before the surgery, several nurses and supporting doctors came by to set up all the necessary tubing,,,etc required for my operation.

Similar to the first operation, I asked the anesthesiologist to inform me what is the time before he cover my mouth & nose with the anesthesia. The time was 11:48. As before, by the time I knew what was going on was after the operation.

According to Liu Ge, when she saw me again after the surgery, it was 7.30pm. I only remember seeing Liu Ge & Yune when I woke up at the Dependency Ward. It was already night time. As usual, there were many tubes running around me.

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