From surgery to recovery…

After the surgery, I spend 3 days in the dependency ward (‘DW’). on L6 of TTSH. While in DW, I felt very uncomfortable as I still had lots of tubing around me. Due to the nature of my 2nd surgery, (having half of my liver removed), I had to be kept in the DW for a few days to monitor my various organs, especially the liver to ensure that it is functioning properly after the operation.

I was in the same DW ward with 2 other elderly patients. By the time, they were ready to transfer me to the normal ward, I was eagerly looking forward to the move. I was transferred to Ward 12A, the same ward I stayed at during my first operation in April 2010. The same nurses that cared for me the last time was there again and all of them remembered me.

I spend a total of 6 days in Ward 12A. Every morning, two sets of doctors will come to visit me to check on my recovery progress. One team was from Dr. Tay’s and the other was from Dr. Woon’s.

The wound on my abdomen was still painful but it was bearable. I counted a total of 52 staples running across my entire wound.

As my appetite was bad, I was given liquid fluid containing nutrition from the IV tubing for 3 days. When the bowel started to work, I had massive problem controlling my bowel movements and therefore I had to wear adult pampers. After having remained docile for 7 over months, my colon needs time to recall what they are there for in the first place.

During those 6 days in Ward 12A, I received numerous good news from the doctor regaining my prognosis. The biopsy results regarding my liver shows there were no malignant tumors found in my liver and surrounding area. I began to regain my appetite and could drink milo and take soft diet food. My remaining liver was functioning very well and the resection of my rectum was firm.

Everyone who saw me committed I look better this time as compared to the previous surgery in April. I felt it too. I did not lose much weight after the operation and I did not look sickly.

Many friends came to visit me during my stay in the hospital. Liu Ge again stayed with me in the ward during those 6 days. On the 6th day, prior to my discharge, the nurse came to remove the staples on my wound. I felt so relief knowing that the staples are removed as it would make it easier for me to shower. But the pain on the wound was still there.

By the time, Liu Ge & I got home, it was nice to be back in the comfort of my own home again.

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