Blessed with good Doctors

Throughout my cancer journey in 2010, I was fortunate to be bless with a good team of dedicated and professional doctors at TTSH & JHC who were all very patient, caring and most importantly of all, they all treated me so well and I can see that they were always doing their best for my recovery. I like to take this opportunity to sing my praises to each of the team members who attended to me during my ‘Cancer to Cancel’ journey.

Dr. Tay Guan Sze – Consultant / Colerectal Surgery

My cancer journey started on 19 Apr 2010 when I was referred by my company’s GP at Raffles Medical Clinic (Bishan Branch) to Dr. Tay. I can still recalled my first meeting with him at his clinic in TTSH Clinic 2A. Liu Ge & I went to see him still thinking that what was bothering me was just a severe case of ‘IBS’. But when Dr. Tay inserted his finger into my anus and I felt a terrible pain at the rectum, I could immediately sense that it was something much more serious than that. Through the tests conducted that day, it was confirmed I had colorectal cancer at the rectum region.

Throughout the past 8 over months under Dr. Tay’s care, he had always been there for me and always been very patient, especially when I ask him questions during my consultation with him at his clinic. He operated on me twice, the first time on 27 Apr 2010 to resect my colon & rectum and re-joint and also the ileostomy for my waste discharge while the joint heals. The second time was on 11 Nov 2010, when he did a reversal on my Ileostomy. Both operations were successful.

What I like most about Dr. Tay was his follow-up and his knowledge of his trade. After both my surgery, while I was still warded in TTSH, he does his daily morning rounds to see his patient and always took time to listen to my concern.

Each time when I need to contact him I just need to either call him or SMS him on his mobile and he will always respond to my queries.

He is really a very dedicated doctor/surgeon who works long hours and sacrifices so much for his work.

Dr. Gilberto de Lima Lopes, Jr. – Oncologist / Assistant Director for Clinical Research

Dr. Lopes is a Brazilian working for Johns Hopkins Clinic (Singapore). He is the Oncologist assigned to me to map out the Chemotherapy treatments for my rectum cancer.

From my first appointment with Dr. Lopes at his clinic, I felt a strong liking for him. I found him to be sincere, truthful and he had the best interest of his patients at heart. When he discuss with me regarding my Chemo treatment plan, he explained to me very clearly and also advise me on the possible side-effects, what to eat and avoid. Whenever I had any queries, I could email him and usually he responds back to me very quickly.

Before the commencement of each chemo treatment cycle, I will have a blood test and he will discuss with me on the blood test results before giving the good-ahead for the IV drip treatment to commence.

I felt very touched when he made the effect to find time from his busy schedule to visit me in my ward after my second surgery in November to see how I was coping after the surgery.

Dr. Winston Woon – Consultant / Hepato-Pancreato-Billary Surgery

Dr. Woon was referred to me by Dr. Tay. After I had completed 7 out of 8 cycles of my chemo treatment, Dr. Lopes had advised for me to have a CT scan to check on the progress of my chemotherapy on killing of the cancer cells in my body. The CT scan results shows an abnormality in my liver and I was advise to have a MRI scan conducted. From the MRI scan, there was a suspicion that my cancer could had spread to segment 8 of my liver. Due to this, I was refer to Dr. Woon.

During my first meeting with Dr. Woon in his clinic, he advised me the options available and what are the likely risks. His explanation were very clear and I understood what he was saying to me.

Though the risk was the highest, I decided to have half the liver removed to be on the safe side and peace of mind.

The surgery went very well. Dr. Woon and his team did a fantastic job and even the stapling of the wound was very neat and tidy. My remaining liver function well and I had no bleeding or problems with it.

During the 9 days while warded in TTSH, Dr. Woon popped by every morning to check on the progress of my recovery and updated me on my condition. But the best news was when he informed me that the biopsy results indicated that there were no malignant tumor found. God Bless.

Just like Dr. Tay, I can see his dedication to his work and he is also very hardworking. In fact, all the surgeons in TTSH really put in long hours in their job. I just hope they all have sufficient rest to cope with the demands of each working day.

Dr. Lee Khai Mun – Consultant / Radiologist

Dr. Lee was the Radiologist assigned to plan, scope and schedule my radiotherapy treatment. During my first meeting with him, he explained to me very clearly what was to be done prior to the start of my treatment and the area where the treatment will be focusing.

Though radiotherapy treatment is painless, the side effect from it is terrible. After 5 weeks of daily treatments, my anus region was burned and my skin began to tear and became sore.

In my discussion with Dr. Lee, he informed me the cause of this and what need to be done to ease the pain. His explanation to me was very clear and he also reassured me that after many years of radiotherapy treatments for cancer patients the technology had improved so much and nowadays the intensity of the rays are adjusted in according to the cancer tumor size and many other factors. He ease my worries by assuring me that the chances of radiotherapy resulting in ‘severe chronic proctitis’ in my colon is very very slim. Only less than 5% of all patients suffer from it. This was something I feared most for it means I need to wear a stoma bag for the rest of my life. But Dr. Lee gave me a very clear indication that I will not be one of the 5% candidate.

Though we hardly meet up during my treatment, but each time I need to speak to him, he was always there for me.

So, these are the 4 Doctors that had been so instrumental in my cancer fight. But most importantly of all, I thank God for his healing powers and for ensuring that all these doctors apply their skills professionally and carefully during the surgery, the treatment and the post-surgery follow-up to ensure that my recovery runs smoothly. Not just the doctors, but all the nurses that attended to me were all very professional and dedicated in the caring of me throughout my cancer journey.

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