Colonscopy after surgery…

On 3 Dec 2010 I went back to TTSH for my 1st consultation with Dr. Tay after the surgery on 11 Nov 2010 to reverse my stoma. During the consultation, I updated him on my bowel movement. I was still having severe Diarrhea-like movement of my bowels. Dr. Tay prescribe for me Fybegel and Loperamil. It was at this meeting when Dr. Tay also arranged for my 1st Colonscopy testing after my surgeries.

On 10 Dec 2010, (my birthday), I prepared myself for the test the next day. A schedule was prepared for me by TTSH as to what to eat on my birthday for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Breakfast was a toast of bread with jam. Lunch & dinner was restricted to porridge with a bit of lean meat (chicken/pork). Throughout the day, I was not to take any fruits, vegetables or other fibre. I was to mix 2 packets of a PEG solution with 8 cups of water and drink from it from 6.15pm to 9.15pm. After finishing my sixth cup, I had to keep rushing to the toilet to clear my bowels. There were lots of water discharge. This carried on till almost 1.30am before I could finally get some sleep. But when I woke up at 6am, the bowel movements started again but was not as frequent.

Luckily for me, Liu Ge was so sweet to treat me to a early birthday lunch on 9 Dec @ Svenson’s in J8.

Liu Ge and I got to TTSH Endoscopy Centre by 0715. After registration, I was warded in and given hospital attire. They inserted an IV apparatus on my right arm which was used to inject some sedative into my body. According to the nurse, some patient will still be aware of what’s happening during the colonscopy and for others they will be sleeping right through.

I remembered being wheeled into the room where Dr. Tay was to conduct the colonscopy. We spoke for a while and next thing I know I was back in the ward when I woke up. The sedative actually makes me slept right through.

From the photo taken, my colon looks very clean and healthy and there were no polyps found. It looks like I had a brand new colon.

I will be seeing Dr, Tay again on 20 Dec 2010 @ 1050 to check on my bowel movements and further update on my colonscopy results.

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