Controlling my BM is the key…

Since my last surgery on 11 Nov 2010, my biggest concern had been the way my bowel movements will react in the future. I had to add that since then I not had a peaceful day with my bowel.

Initially, after the Stoma Reversal surgery, when my Colon started to function, I had constant non-stop diarrhea which lasted for a few weeks. That period was really very discomforting for me. I had to literally position myself close to the toilet at all times. I did not count the number of visits to the toilet during this period but I am sure it was more than 30 times per day.

Things got worse after I started my last Chemo cycle on 14 Dec 2010. All the side-effects of chemo came back. I had nausea, diarrhea, faint spells, loss of appetite, lost the sense of taste, giddy, weak and during this period I started losing lots of weight. The diarrhea was very bad and I had to go to the toilet non-stop during the chemo cycle. I had a miserable Christmas and New Year because of my diarrhea.
When I took Fybogel, my stools finally started to form but then it end up I was discharging stools from dawn to dusk. In the end I decided to stop taking it. Things only started to improve around 20 Jan 2011.

I started to wear my underwear again without diapers. In fact I intend to return back to work on 27 Jan 2011.

It is really good to be able to control my BM again and I am glad I can hold my stools….


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