Still far from Perfect…

It has been more than 4 months since I had my stoma reversal operation. Till now, my bowel movements is still very erratic and unpredictable. I got my good days but so far they been mainly bad days.

Since my colon was re-connected to my Intestine, I been averaging around 20 – 30 visits to the loo per day to move my bowels. On days when I do not have diarrhea, it’s not so bad. But it is really amazing how much stools I had inside me. Since my rectum is so much smaller after the removal of the tumor, what remains is not able to hold a lot of stools. So, whenever my stools reaches my rectum, a signal is immediately send to my brain to get me to BM as soon as possible. (That’s why I need to be in close proximity to a loo at all times)

I do have constipation days & diarrhea days. During constipation days, I can visit the loo many times but there is nothing discharge accept the occasional mucus. But the worse is those days when I am having diarrhea. I can visit the loo so many times but always end up feeling that it is not complete. During diarrhea days, my butt also feels so painful and I feel burn in the anal region.

Until now, I still do not know what trigger my diarrhea or constipation. But it must certainly be due to what I eat and drink. I really do not know what food is causing my problem. Since 25 March 2011, I had started an Excel spreadsheet to record what I consume each morning, afternoon & evening. I also keep tag of what medication I took each day, how my BM reacted during each part of the day and whether I had diarrhea, constipation or cramps in my abdomen.

Hopefully with this daily record, I be able to pinpoint what food is causing my excessive BM, diarrhea or constipation.

I also started having abdominal cramps off and on. The first time I felt the cramps was on 25 Feb 2011. When it comes, it is so painful. I had to lie down flat. Since I am now back to work, this is very difficult for me as my job requires me to sit down in front of the computer. Recently, I had abdominal cramps in the office and it was so severe, I just bear with the pain till the end of the work day. Dr. Tay had given me some painkiller to ease the pain. Initially, when I first had the cramps, popping a painkiller works wonder, but lately when the drug did not seem to work as well. Could it be my body had started to reject the drug?

I started taking Loperamide (Imodium), 3 times a day and also 2 sachets of Fybogel. The Loperamide does helps with the diarrhea and the Fybogel prevents constipation but end up with lots of stools being discharge during my BM.

But even then, I still have my diarrhea days. I hope soon I be able to pinpoint what food is causing my problem. My current situation really affecting my quality of life. Planning to do something with friends is not easy for I never know on that day whether it will be a good BM day or bad BM day.

I had 2 X-Rays taken of my abdominal region. Dr. Tay saw lots of gas being trapped in my intestine and suspect they are also blockages due to food consumed and not absorbed by my digestive system. Dr. Tay wanted me to cut down on vegetables, fruits with skins and also mushrooms. Since then I hardly been eating any vegetables and fruits except in juiced form.

Will be seeing Dr. Tay on 2 April. Hope there is a solution to my problems soon.

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