Just an update on my current situation…

At the beginning of 2011, I was eagerly looking ahead to a wonderful year. With the completion of my chemo treatments & stoma reversal operation, I expected my body to regain normalcy as soon as possible. I was even dreaming about doing some traveling with my wife.

It’s already April. and any sign of normal life seems far-fetched. I reached the stage whereby being in close proximity to a toilet is my ultimate comfort zone. Planning any outing in advance is out of the question. I got my good & bad BM days to consider. But of course, if we meet in the loo, who cares whether the day is good or bad.

I had lost so much weight since November 2010. Due to the constant severe diarrhea and my body not digesting & converting my food intake to it’s nutrients elements, I’m looking more like an Auschwitz inmate.

Before I realized I had cancer, I gave away lots of old jeans, pants, shirts, T-shirts that were too small to the Salvation Army. Now I wish I still had them for what I had now are all too big for me and I need to use a belt to keep my pants up. I don’t even want to look at myself in the mirror.

In the past, I always enjoyed eating all types of food. But now, with my erratic BM, I had to be very careful what I put into my body. The wrong food would trigger a severe bout of diarrhea. When it comes, I just had to make sure I am at home and close to the loo at all times.

I checked my weight and was shocked I am around 55kg. It means I had lost more than 10kg since my last operation. For more than 2 months, my bowel felt like constantly in a diarrhea-state. I hardly had a day where by bowel seems normal.

Eating a wrong food will immediately trigger a severe diarrhea attack. Once that happens, my entire day is ruined. I am at a lost as to why my intestine/colon doesn’t seem to be able to digest the food I consume properly. I am taking Lactoguard (Restores the balance of Good bacteria for overall digestive, immunity & energy), Acidophilus tablets  and also digestive enzymes tablets on a daily basis, but yet I will still getting severe diarrhea almost every 3 or 4 days. At times, when the diarrhea is so severe, I had to end up swallowing 6 charcoal pills. I tried my best to avoid charcoal for it absorbs everything, including my supplements which I take everyday.

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