10 months past and still no sign of returning to a normal

It’s been a long while since my last update. Sadly, I do not have anything good to highlight regarding my medical condition. Since the Resection & the liver operation, I still not been able to take control of my bowel.

Having to wear adult diapers whenever I am out of my house is bad enough but even at home I had to wear woman’s tampons in case of discharge.

During the last few months, since June or so, my discomfort in the rectum region had gotten worse. Until today, I am still discharging lots of mucus whenever I visit the toilet. At times, there are even blood in the mucus. I read somewhere that cancer cells feeds on our mucus discharge. I just hope this is not true.

I am finding it harder and harder to push out my poo and even then it is not always I got poo. It is so hard to push whatever little poo out of my system and now even my buttocks & thighs are beginning to feel painful & I do have cramps there.

There are also blockages in my small intestine due to adhesions and this had mainly been the reason why I am having diarrhea all the time. The trapped waste in my small intestine are contaminated with bad bacteria that creates lots of gas in my intestine and also competing with my body for proteins and other good nutrients. I am losing so much weight because these bad bacteria are getting a main share of my nutrients. I used to weight around 66kg but now I am hovering around at 48kg.

The blockage cause my abdomen to be bloated and cramps too. When it comes, I just cannot do anything at all.

Recently did a CEA blood test and CT scan and no cancer was found. But Dr. Tay, my colon surgeon is concern about the discomfort in my rectum region. During the last colonscopy conducted in Dec 2010, my rectum was clean. The CT scan report indicated that there was some thickening in my rectum tissues and the report mentioned, it could be a recurrence. Further investigations advised.

Dr. Tay does not suspect it is a recurrence, but instead he thinks it is the result of the radiotherapy treatment that I had in May 2010. I will be going for a MRI scan this week and also another round of colonscopy this Saturday morning . Hopefully with these 2 tests, Dr. Tay will be in better position to plan for my next cause of action to get me back to my feet again. It is almost 2 years and I still had not regain my quality of life.


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