It’s been a long ride… and still nowhere near the end

2011 had been a year to forget as far as my health is concern. After the shocker of 2010, I was expecting 2011 to be the year when I finally made a comeback from my cancer-shock. But it was not to be.

Since then, I been experiencing one health hiccup after another. I had a total of 3 major operations, several minor ones and as of now, I am still wearing a stoma bag and my problem in my buttock still a big issue for me.

The more experience I have now with my health issues the better the understanding I am now getting regarding my problem. I believe now that since my first operation until now, I had been having a serious Abscess problem in my rectum region. This problem was never targeted till very much later when I noticed I kept having the feeling of diarrhea when I had a stoma reversal after my 2nd major operation.

In the 3rd operation, when I had the ‘Bowel Obstruction’, Dr. Tay had to create an Ileostomy again. So now I am back on the Stoma bag again. The purpose this time was to give time for the Abscess to self-heal so the colon is blocked to prevent waste material to getting into contact with the abscess and create more problems. I now believe that when I had the inflammation during the 3rd Op, it was deal to the abscess spreading to my intestine.

I had done much research on the web regarding ‘Anorectal Abscess’, and what I had read so far doesn’t sound good. In most reports, it mentioned that Self-healing is hard and in most cases, a major surgery is required to eliminate the abscess. I really hope not for I really cannot bear going in again for another operation.

But I really want this to clear so that I can have the stoma reversal and have my life back again. My stoma discharges are so frequent and it really makes life so difficult for me. I had to be close to a toilet at all times. I cannot wear nice clothes and I cannot expose my body.

There are 3 majors issues still.

1. Getting rid of the abscess in my rectum and not having to feel that I need to go toilet all the time.

2. Having a stoma reversal so that life can be back to normal. Not having to wear stoma base & bag. Most important not needing to be near a toilet all the time and not needing to worry that I expose the bag or the bag leaks like what had happened twice already.

3. Getting rid of the barium that are still residing in my colon.



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